Inclusiveness in America: A Logical Stance

So everybody is slamming Arizona.  Why?  Well we all know why….Arizona’s new immigration law.  But wait, let’s consider the facts of the situation, the principles of the situation, and the people slamming the law.

First off, many individuals slamming the law have not even read it (though it’s a very short read).  This includes top cabinet officials in Obama’s cabinet.  Can I pass an AP English test using Sparknotes alone?  Yes.  Can I pass judgement on laws or make judgments about good policy making using opinionated Sparknote versions of a law?  No.  Folks, if you want to talk about the law, read the law.  

Second off, why are we (read: the uninformed) criticizing this law again?  It’s not new, it just isn’t.  It mirrors an existing, on the books, but ill-enforced federal law.  Arizona didn’t even have to have a “whacked out, conservative, discriminating” mindset to write this law…they could just plagiarize from the federal government!  But yet, it’s Arizona that takes the heat and nobody notices that they really were just copying what’s already been done.

Which brings up the point as to why Arizona had to pass this law in the first place.  If a like law and provisions already stand federally, why was Arizona forced to pass this locally?  Because the federal government failed utterly and miserably to enforce the laws to protect states.  So, recognizing that a fundamental founding tenet of our country was federalism (separation between states and the federal government), Arizona took a localized issue into their own hands.  They acted on behalf of their people in regards to an issue that is of particular concern for that state.  Logically, that seems to be a very large concept behind the idea of federalism.  But yet, we see Obama, his cohorts, and thousands of uniformed nationwide criticize Arizona for doing this.  Guess what?  If you lived in Arizona, I bet you would see this from a different side of the fence; it would be more of an issue to you in that case and you would want to deal with it.  If you don’t live in the state and elect their officials, you have no right (or duty or mandate) to pass judgement on them.  It’s constitutional and it is a mere reflection of standing laws.  So for those of you reading this that do not live in Arizona, please do not slam Arizona. 

I write not just to criticize the misinformed at all levels that have decided Arizona looks like a savory target to berate upon.  I also write to let Arizona know that America actually stands behind her.  Rasmussen Reports found that only 25% of Americans have a favorable view of immigration protesters while 50% maintain a negative view.  Also, 55% of Americans would want to see Arizona-esque immigration laws in their state (and upon looking into this number, 88% of common, hardworking, mainstream Americans are in favor of this) while only 33% are opposed to this idea (mostly those of the political class).  

Arizona, I stand with you.  Conservatives stand with you.  Indeed, America stands with you.  Fight the right fight.  Fight for your citizens and their quality of life.  Fight for your citizens and their concerns.  Fight against the powers that be in this country that tell you that you are wrong.  Representative democracy is indeed at work in Arizona, as is sound policy making. Stand strong Arizona, stand strong. 

A Reason and Justification

I often find that today’s society is overwhelming: the lights, the sounds, the ads, the pressure, the opportunities, the temptations, and the list goes on.  But those aren’t the type of overwhelming elements I am talking about. I am talking about the overwhelming element of ideology and politics. 

Now there are a good number of people out there that are just overwhelmed by politics in general. They don’t care about the debates on issues, the votes of their senators, or really anything that happens inside the 61 square miles of Washington DC.  Then there are those that care, but just enough to cast a vote yearly.  Then there are those that care quite a bit and show it by preaching to the choir or talking with family.  Finally, there are those that don’t just want to make a difference, but are starting to make a difference.  That last group, that is who this blog is for because, you see, it is those people who areoverwhelmed.

America today has become stifling.  It depresses me to look around at our country and see what it has come to: a paternal government, an overtaxed plurality, a stifled economy.  It has become ideologically stifling with conservative values being departed from and liberties across the spectrum being eroded.  And while a friend accused me the other day of coming to this state of mind because I was “told” it, I curtly wish to lay out there that I have arrived at this state of mind because of my ability to think, see, feel, and observe.  I have seen what is wrong with our country, I have thought through the issues and the “supposed” solutions and do so everyday.  I am not voicing the opinion of myself and young conservatives everywhere because we have been “indoctrinated” by the likes of Fox News and Glenn Beck or been corrupted by the likes of CNN and the New York Times.  I am voicing my opinions and asserting solutions on fact and not feeling.  But I don’t just want to be one person voicing an opinion, I want to be one person reflecting a view that I know is out there. 

I know there are young conservatives - college aged, teenagers, even younger maybe - that know what is wrong; that see the country slipping on the spiral staircase.  Those young conservatives are who I write for.  They are who I reflect.  And it is this small crevice of the web that will give them a voice like no other.  This is time for the Young Conservative.  This is time for a new era.